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The OC Showdown Community

An O.C. Challenge

The OC Showdown
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Welcome to oc_showdown! You've landed yourself at an OC challenge community. As a hit FOX TV show, The OC manages to sweep us off our feet and inspire people create challenge communties like this one. This is a weekly icon challenge community. rocknmyheartout and scintille will be maintaining this community and posting will only be allowed to them. We hope you enjoy this community and hope many fans participate.

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1) Do not vote for your own icon(s).
2) Non-members cannot submit icons nor vote in this community. You must join in order to take part in these actions.
3) You may submit 3 entries per challenge unless stated otherwise.
4) The voting is based on a weighted system. You must vote for a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.
5) The moderators will decide on the Mod's Choice award aka The (Mod's) Dearly Beloved.
6) Only submit icons that are new! If you have posted your submissions somewhere else before, they cannot be included in the challenge.
7) We will most likely have a different challenge every week. This means that every challenge won't be just a screencap challenge. We might have a chorus challenge one week, an animation challenge the next, and maybe even a wallpaper challenge the week after that.
8) Blending, animation, etc. is allowed unless the challenge states otherwise.

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Monday-Friday: Submit icons!
Friday night/Saturday morning: Voting posted
Saturday-Sunday: Voting
Sunday night: Results
Sunday night/Monday morning: New challenge

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Example of how an icon should be submitted:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Banner: Yes/No

If you do not know how to submit your icons in a comment to a post, please check this out.

Please comment if you would like to be affiliates with us.

Websites for screencaps
http://unwavering-affection.net/ (for Seth/Summer ones)

Email the mods if you have any questions or suggestions
rocknmyheartout: voteforcaptainoats@hotmail.com
scintille: ajg_05@hotmail.com

Thank you. Please participate and join our community!!