Amanda (scintille) wrote in oc_showdown,

school challenge

since most of us are leaving for/starting school soon, I was inspired to do a school-theme

Your Challenge: make an icon from one of the "first day of school" episodes.

season 1: the heights
season 2:the way we were

 I'm providing links to possible caps but you dont have to use these websites.

animated/hush/silence/text/ anything is allowed as long as the cap is from the episodes

Links to possible caps (please dont hotlink to these)

The Heights
The Way We Were

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great challenge!
thanks :)
i'm assuming things will pick up once the dvds come out, and more caps are available and of course once season 3 starts. until then thank god for dedicated OC fans. :) i'm going to close the challenge once we have one more entry i think. know anoyone who still plans on entering?